"From The Ashes..."
Vampire - Cam/Anarch
Madison, Wisconsin
Meets on the 3rd Friday every Month
Madison, Dane County
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Camarilla Setting Default
Camarilla Setting Default
For many decades, Madison had members of the Camarilla and Anarchs cohabiting in relative peace. Before it was the seat of state government and political power in Wisconsin, Madison was built halfway between the new and growing cities of Milwaukee in the east, and the long-established trading post of Prairie du Chien in the west.  It was also set strategically between the lead-mining regions of the southwest and Wisconsin's oldest city, Green Bay in the northeast. During the era of Prohibition, bootleggers traveling between Chicago and Minneapolis also found Madison to be an excellent halfway point.

Though at first, the burgeoning city had few Kindred, bootlegging in the early 1920's brought an influx of population as Kine and Kindred alike put down roots in the City of Four Lakes. The first Kindred to come to Madison (long before Madison was named such) was a Gangrel named Vulture, and in 1922 he claimed Praxis over the new Domain - though some believe that his true interest in Praxis was just to keep anyone else from telling him what to do.

For a long time, Madison's Camarilla and Anarchs cohabited in relative peace, with the Camarilla claiming the western half of Madison and the Anarchs claiming the eastern half, the nearby city of Middleton claimed by the mysterious Elder known as the Palatine, and the central portion (from the western edge of UW-Madison campus to the eastern side of Capitol square) declared a neutral zone.

Both sects were allowed to enjoy the fruits of downtown Madison and the campus, so long as the Masquerade was maintained. When the Red Star gleamed in the sky in 1999, the Sabbat attacked en mass. Nearly half of the Anarchs and several of the Camarilla in Madison revealed themselves as Sabbat infiltrators, and brought chaos, strife, and thousands of mass-Embraced shock troops to attack under the light of the Red Star.

The Anarchs were almost entirely destroyed, and the Camarilla took heavy losses in both Kindred and influence. The remaining Kindred - a handful of Camarilla, a few Independents, and even fewer Anarchs - have been working for the last decade and a half to rebuild the city. How much destruction was left in the wake of the Sabbat attack, and what was rebuilt by the few that survived?