"La Crosse by Night"
Vampire - Independent Alliance
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Meets on the 4th Saturday every Month
Choice and Consequence
Suspenseful Mystery
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Anarchs and Mountain Assamites allowed with ST approval

Clan Rarities
Sacred Symposium Background
Game Boundaries
Kindred history of La Crosse is murky. The Followers of Set have had some sort of presence in the city for over a hundred years. They were very prominent until the 1980’s when a purge occurred. The source of the purge is unknown.

In 2015, five Setites awoke to find their world had changed. Most of the corruption of their city was undone.  The Independent Alliance had formed between the Giovanni and Followers of Set. They reached out to the IA for assistance. Brandon Giovanni di Milliner, one of the delegates from the Sacred Symposium, responded.  The five Setites spent months carefully stalking Sabbat, locating their havens and servants. Brandon Giovanni di Milliner hired some Assamites and a gang of Anarchs to go after the more important targets. Using ghouls and influence, they brought them in by boat and train.

The Independent Alliance took the city in one night while maintaining the Masquerade. The Assamites have been promised a place to do business under the protection of the IA. The Anarchs have been promised a nearby territory with the opportunity to do business with the IA.

La Crosse is the first new territory to come under the control of the IA since the Sacred Symposium of Las Vegas in 2015. All eyes are on the city to see how the Alliance moves towards becoming a sect.

How will the city be organized? How will they accept members of other clans? What rights will those other members have? Will another clan join the Independent Alliance? Brandon Giovanni di Milliner has sent out the word asking for the best of the Independent Alliance to come present him with plans for La Crosse.

The one to present him with the best plan for how to use La Crosse for the Independent Alliance will be declared the leader of the city. La Crosse is a college town with regional influence in the medical industry. They city lies on one of the largest ley lines of the North American continent.

The Shadowlands is rich in resources. Something of power lies beneath the Bluff. What could you do with these resources?

La Crosse also has its fair share of issues. There are known to be Lupines in the immediate area. The Independent Alliance has joined the Camarilla and the Anarch Movement in warring with the Sabbat in nearby Baraboo.

What created the purge of the 1980s? Gargoyles are here in surprising number and no one seems to know why. You find yourself at the Crossroads of La Crosse.

The choices here will make you or unmake you; and possibly the Alliance along with you.