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Second Act is excited to host three World of Darkness LARP events this year at the Midwinter 2019 Gaming Convention, Jan 11th - 14th!

Second Act weaves a story, forming a tapestry where Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings and other creatures of the night prowl and pursue their own agendas.... intrigue, conflict, rage and hunger paint the night crimson...

We are very much looking to expand out to new players!  And we'd love to include you! 

So even if you've never played -- or if it's been a long time since you last played -- or you play all the time, Second Act would love to include you in our World of Darkness.

Click here for a direct link to the Midwinter gaming events!


Thursday Jan 10th, 8pm -12am: Vampire the Masquerade (Independent Alliance)    

You are cordially invited to a summit of the Independent Alliance wherein we will discuss the future and what it holds for our nascent brotherhood. No Independent Alliance voice will go unheard. The event is held at the Pratt Institute in Whitewater, WI. All protections of Elysia apply to all invited guests, Don Rocco Giovanni will be your host.


Need a character? We have you covered... contact us at sa.nationalst@gmail.com


Friday Jan 11th, 8pm -12am: Werewolf: the Apocalypse

The nation has no king. Many Septs spend their days looking for guidance and for wisdom, But from where? Political aspirations are tearing some tribes apart. There must be an answer. Join us for the grand Moot to discuss the future of the nation as a whole. This will be the time to bring questions and grievances before tribal leaders and legends of note. This moot will be a month long filled with song and feast, tales of glory and sorrow. A deep umbral expedition is planned to search for advice on many of these subjects from ancestral spirits of the former kings of Gaia’s glorious nation. There will also be many teams leaving from the moot sight on fact finding missions of great importance. There is a need for factual confirmation. A prophecy has been passed on to those chosen to be worthy. Hear their experiences first hand and help the nation confirm their truths. Some spirits have speculated that the next king walks among us unknowingly. Could it be you???

OOC: event is scaled for all different types of characters. Though in game the moot will be going on for a month you will only be participating in one of the days of the grand moot. A free set of downtimes may be submitted to the event staff for preparation and fact finding before the event. (date of deadline will be posted) Starting pre-gen characters will be available for people to play and keep after. some NPC slots are still open, please inquire at tenguleather@gmail.com.

All characters must be current and approved in the database.
Hope to see you all there for another amazing year of werewolf Glory!!!


Saturday Jan 12th, 8pm -12am: Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch) 

Wheels of Turbulent Change

Reports of kindred settlements in rural areas on the rise.

Rumors of a new Caitiff rights movement.

Archons being called back to their offices.

What could this all mean? The new night has come. Government organizations have made contact in several cities. It looks as though our nights may be numbered.

Elders everywhere are cutting off contact with the local domains.

Those in power seem to have no idea of what is happening or refuse to make comment.

Other sects are acting strangely.

The trying times are upon us friends.

In the service of his Grand Lord the Unseen Justicar Warwick, I, Archon Merik Von Bauren am hosting Salon. All those of note and status are welcome. Those who are not of status or note can attend as a guest of the Elite. The lesser members of the Anarch movement shall be allowed to attend under notice of Behavior. This gathering shall be conducted as if it were Elysium, all rules should be followed. As such, there is no need for weapons or violence with in its sacred walls. The Nosferatu clan shall be your evening’s hosts and will oversee security. You may travel to this Salon from any large port on the shore of Lake Michigan. We do not recommend Milwaukee considering recent incident involving the Independent Alliance. You may contact for transport at this number (555) 555-5555 and arrangements shall be made for your safe travel to Gathering.

The purpose of this Salon is to discuss and plan in safety for the future of our civilized society. Interviews shall be conducted and information will be distributed. Come and enjoy the entertainment and company in the safety and comfort within the loving arms of the Nosferatu Clan.

Those of appropriate status may make reservations and request an itinerary at sa.nationalst@gmail.com.

Need a character? We have you covered... contact us at sa.nationalst@gmail.com

Again, if you need a character - each night - contact us .

We use the most excellent By Night Studios Vampire the Masquerade & Werewolf: the Apocalypse rules

Additionally, we have our Second Act Online character creation system -- just "Register" on our SecondAct.club website (Register is in the upper right) - and under "Your Characters" click on "Create New" -- making sure to choose "Midwinter" as the chronicle -- and follow the easy instructions!

If you need any assistance - email sa.nationalst@gmail.com