"Fur, Fangs, and Umbral Thangs"
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Meets on the 2nd Saturday every Month
Fur, Fangs, and Umbral Thangs
World of Darkness Survival
Door County, WI
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Garou Nation Default
Garou Nation Default
Washington Island is the physical location of the caern. The island is controlled and run by the kinfolk and all businesses on the island are owned in part by the Silver Fang Tribe.

Washington Island Chamber of Commerce Map - http://washingtonisland.com/island-map/

Silver Fang caern which was originally kept intertribal for the purposes for breeding and kept as a seat for the house unbreakable heart duke. The borders and caern itself have been opened to the nation in these troubling times to bolster defenses and save the area from corruption of the Wyrm. This is the first time this caern has been made public to the Nation.

Why did they wait so long to open their boarders? This is something only time will tell....