"Twin Cities Rage"
Twin Cities, Minnesota
Meets on the 2nd Saturday every Month
Diplomacy and cooperation in a mixed species sept
Diplomatic tension, hopeful, cooperative
Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs (Hennepin and Ramsey counties)
Nuwisha, Corax, Ratkin, Bastet (Pumonca, Qualmi, Bubosti only), Bonegnawers, Child of Gaia, Glasswalkers, Shadowlords, Silent Striders, Stargazers, Uktena
Kitsune, Black Furies, Fianna, Get of Fenris, Red Talons, Silver Fangs, Wendigo
Ajaba, Ananasi, Bastet (types not listed above), Gurahl, Rokea
This is a game that is lead by a NPC Bonegnawer Elder (Snow “Dances in the Streets”, Metis, Galliard) and has been opened up to all Fera to come and make a home there. Currently, there is only a skeleton crew of Garou at the sept, the rest are Fera. This has become an ambitious sept, with many different types of characters welcome.
The Sept of Shattered Mirrors was overrun by the Wyrm. Their Caern shard was taken, corrupted, and the sept members fell along with their Caern. In January 2018, Garou and Fera alike came together to fight back and retrieve a Caern shard. They fought well, but nonetheless with great battles come great loss. The Nation lost an Elder and Sept Alpha that day: Ivar One Eye. His wish was to give the shard to the Fera, to strengthen the relations with the Fera and Garou.

In his honor Daniel “Stiles” Stockman has presented the shard to the Twin Cities survivors. The Nuwisha Warder “Laughing Rain” was put in charge of the seed. Snow "Dances in the Streets", a Bone Gnawer Elder, stepped up to lead the sept as its new Alpha. The Midwest Director of the Glass Walkers, Richard Barrows, and many others of that tribe offered aid and resources to rebuild the sept, now known as United Ways under the totem of Rat. 

A sept is formed, eager to treat the new world of the Age of Apocalypse like no other age, an age with Fera and Garou working together to fight back against the horde of the Wyrm.