"Apocalypse 1777"
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Meets on the 4th Saturday every Month
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Garou Nation Default
“There are two things that fertile the soil of Pennsylvania. History and Blood.” ~Unknown

Within the borders; surrounding the city of “Brotherly Love” has over time been a place of war and tragedy. Legends are made and die just as fast. Once pureland home, stolen, then claimed by the Weaver and Wyrm. What has become a no mans land where only the hearty survive even just to travel.

Yet, much as with time, History has been lost, honored dead missing and sadly Caerns destroyed. Barely a whisper in time even to the most dutiful galliard. The mortals have their history, it’s only half the story.

In recent years a small but solid joint operation was put together to give a foothold for the Garou in Montgomery County, Lansdale. A small piece was carved out in the guise of a public front company “HK416 Security and Surveillance“. This company is a front in both form and practice, yet is only the shell hiding an outpost. Overseen by a Shadow Lord named Viktor Thunderfury and a kinfolk Jane. This place has become a station for information, trade, and the occasional wanderer. The last beacon in a dark world.

Will you live to survive the tale, reclaim the rewards of the honored fallen, then maybe, just maybe take the fight to any who stand in their way.

This is 1777 in modern times, rebuild, rebirth, take back.