"Bleed in Bleed out, City is Life"
Vampire - Independent Alliance
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Meets on the 3rd Sunday every Month
Lake Charles and the surrounding area
Caitiff, Followers of Set, Gangrel, Giovanni (including mooks), Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Brujah
True Brujah, Lasombra antitribu, Gargoyles, Ravnos, Vipers bloodline
Samedi, Daughters of Cacophany, Tzimisce (Old Clan/Carpathians Only), Primescne bloodline, Tlacique bloodline

Anarch Movement Rarities

The default Anarch Movement rarities are used from the book with the following exceptions:
Gargoyles are now a Uncommon Rarity- 2 pts
Ventrue are a Rare Rarity - 4 pts
Giovanni and are Restricted Rarities - 6 pts and subject to ST approval

Camarilla Rarities

The default Camarilla rarities are used from the book with the following exceptions:
Assamite Vizer - 4pts
Ventrue are a Rare Rarity - 4 pts. Crusader Ventrue are - 6 pts
Tremere are Restricted Rarities - 6 pts and subject to ST approval

Mountain Loyal Assamites

Assamite Warrior are Uncommon -2 pts- and must be loyal to the Mountain


All Sabbat related clans, Salubri and Infernalists cost 6 merits points and must have Alt ID 5 from a sect. Baali is always approval by ST.

Non IA Character Influence, Allies and Contacts Restrictions

Non IA Characters can only have 5 Influences to choose from and are all the same for all non IA Characters. Also no Elite or Underworld influence is alllowed to be higher than 3. Allies and contacts follow the same format. Allies must be a specific person on the bellow list of influences.

The Influences to choose are:

Underworld only

Police Officers ( only the street police officers no specialization)
Street Prostitutes ( no Pimp or high class or prostitution rings)

Elite only

Drug Rings Leadership (Capos)
Religious Leadership (just by ism type, Ex: Catholic Parish of Lake Charles, Jewish Temples, ETC).

Bring chairs to the game, sitting is limited.

The City is IA controlled Territory, all clans are allowed to live in peace within the city limits and the surrounded bayou. With the exception of the Sabbat.

It was a war from all sides... Trust was betrayed. Every sect turned on another. Madness reigned:

The high speed life of New Orleans was taxing to some kindred. Those who wanted a more quiet place to settle left New Orleans. By 1861 the city Charleston was founded. 

In 1867 they changed its name to present day Lake Charles.

Lake Charles business grew calmly; everything was at peace until 1920. Vampires from all walks of life started imprinting on Lake Charles. The Giovanni, the Followers of Set, The Camarilla and even the Sabbat found a sense of solace in this port town.

The Followers of Set, mostly Tlacique, and the Giovanni found a place to stay away from the eye of kindred society. All that changed in 1925 when two clans of the Ivory tower, the Brujah and Ventrue, started a feud.

The Ventrue called in a boon to destabilize the status quo in the city. The goal was to weaken Lake Charles and the surrounding area so they would gain absolute control or the area and it's resources.

The remaining kindred of the Tower tried to brutally take over the area from every kindred. The Sabbat fought back, the Anarchs fought for their own freedom. The fight for resources was so blatant that it caught the eye of nearby werewolves on the bayou. In an attempt to clean the area of any taint and protect their own assets they joined the fight for Lake Charles. Their goal, to kill all vampires they saw no difference in sect or affiliation just their own survival.

Giovanni and Followers of Set were unaligned watching silently as the events unfolded knowing that no good could come from this. 

To save themselves the two formed an alliance with any kindred who was an unaligned. When the Independent Alliance was born their strength increased, their vigor renewed.

The Sabbat had lost massive amounts of vampires, the Camarilla was forced to hide from the Hunters, the Anarchs had no real strength left to effect the mass of the Alliance. The werewolves retreated back to the deep into the bayou realizing the conflict was unwinnable. The war was won and the Independent Alliance controlled the city.

The Alliance showed forethought by giving territory between to city limits to almost all sects, providing at least a temporary buffer preventing a quick violent flare up.

The Sabbat, seem to be in hiding no one knows for sure.  Just a whisper in the night.

The Independent Alliance made the city a haven for those rare clans or to some bloodlines who were bullied by others due to their lesser numbers. The Alliance saw the value in those lesser numbered bloodlines and clans to protect their assets.

Each clan and allowed sect may have a council member but are swiftly reminded this is only a courtesy if they step out of line. No Prince, No Barron, is allowed to live here. The Camarilla and Anarchs are simply members of their sect here. Should one step out of line they are swiftly reminded this area is owned by the Independent Alliance. Then again, one can always join the Independent Alliance and renounce their Camarilla or Anarch sect to gain more favor within the city.

Matters are handled at a meeting place, were the clans can bring the transgression and crimes committed by other clans.

Each sect also has a representative or ambassador. There is a price to live in this area, each kindred must to be willing to defend the city at all cost. Blood in and Blood out is the rule of the city.  Yet, no one can escape final death if they abandon their post. The city is the goal, the temple, their oasis on the desert.

A warning from the Hierophant now echos the city of Lake Charles:
To all Sabbat, Infernslist and Heretics: We will find you, we will kill you.
To all kindred citizens:  if you are not willing to fight, bleed and die for our city, get out or be killed like a coward you are.