"Unforgiven Rage"
Minot, North Dakota
Meets on the 4th Saturday every Month
Survival, Uncertainty
Loss, Pressure, Darkness, Shenanigans
North Dakota
Werewolf setting default, no fera
Werewolf setting default, no fera
Werewolf setting default, no fera

Contact Information
HST -- Adrian Ward
AST -- Tandy Moore

HST Email: theyaden@gmail.com

AST Email: minotdst@gmail.com

Game site does change please message our facebook group for the location to game site! 

The pack totem is a raccoon with the following benefits:
1. Animal Communication
2. Dream Speak
3. Pack Link
4. Resist Corruption

North Dakota History:

North Dakota has a long storied history even though it is a state that is parsley populated. North Dakota has served as a home to various Native American tribes since before recorded history. Once the new world was discovered fur traders, trappers, mountain men, and frontiersman made their way south from Canada to make their riches from the vast resources that the land of North Dakota held. Obviously, this created some minor and some major skirmishes with the Native Americans who called this place home. This was the first time that the land was stained red with blood not for survival but due to fear. This was the way of life for quite some time until the arrival of the railroad. 

The railroad stretched across North Dakota as a way to bring supplies back to the East Coast. With the railroads came the first pioneers to settle new land that had been surveyed by Lewis and Clarke. The dream of Manifest Destiny had taken hold of Americans minds and hearts. This dream brought not only new people and opportunities but new armies and technologies. This brought about new blood and scars being laid upon the land. Many of these scars can still be seen today. 

Once the army had won their war against Native Americans the Native Americans were placed on reservations and the progress of making the Dakota Territory into states would begin. Eventually the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming would be formed from parts of the Dakota Territory. Once North Dakota became a state there were a few incidents but the state was largely ignored. 

Werewolves have long existed in North Dakota. In particular, the Wendigo tribe, associated with the Native American Nations that call North Dakota home, is by far the most numerous. Long have the stalked and protected the many numerous holy sites. Two areas of note that the Werewolves control are Lake Sakakawea and Roosevelt National Park are patrolled and protected by werewolves.