"Crucible of Blood and Fire"
Vampire - Sabbat
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Meets on the 2nd Sunday every Month
A restructure of local forces to relaunch Cain's crusade or purification.
Dark struggle within a losing battle.
Oshkosh Wisconsin and surrounding area.
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We will be limiting the number of Some of the uncommon and rare character types to fit the story. Please contact a storyteller if you plan to play one of these types of Characters

This games takes place in Oshkosh but the physical location is in Green Bay.


Miranda the Baptizers orders flow swift in the night, a message has been sent. All available Packs are to assemble and occupy Oshkosh WI.

Brothers and Sisters,
Hear the words of Miranda, the Baptizer. The messengers have been sent to the four corners of the earth so that Caines might will be done. A crusade is upon us.

No less an authority than the Inquisition itself has named turned it's eye to this place.

Two of the most faithful have been ordained and sent to lead this crusade. They have been sent, and travel there now, intent on bringing the word of Caine.

Since 1942 we have observed this place and planned for it's eventual downfall. The recent disruptions of the unity of the Camarilla have left us a perfect opportunity. Gather ye children of Caine! Assemble your packs! Sharpen your blades, for the Sword of Caine is on the march once again!

Whispers tell of a spiritual agenda playing in the shadows of the town. What really lies in wait in Oshkosh? Only few know for sure, but the whispers can only last so long. It is obvious Oshkosh has drawn the watchful eye of Miranda herself.