"Wisconsin Dells by Night"
Vampire - Sabbat
Madison, Wisconsin
Meets on the 1st Sunday every Month
Conflict & Consequences
Dark mystery & horror
Wisconsin Dells area
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Game time: 4:00pm.
The game IC is based out of the Dells, OOC location is in Madison
The exodus from this city has echoed forth throughout the region's domains. Vile creatures serving their wicked masters have taken over the popular vacation destination, their unholy hungers never truly sated with the continued influx of fresh meat. Word has spread though beyond the echo chambers of the elysiums, where the Camarilla hides away playing their games to appease their masters. Tales have traveled within the Anarch gatherings, where the faithless youth bury their heads in mortal causes. 

This reaches to the ears of those who are true to their Dark Father, the ones who have prepared themselves through blood and fire to fight against the traitors and bring forth a world ready for Caine's return. The true Cainites, faithful and loyal to their cause and purpose. 

It is up to these brave Cainites to come forth, to smite down these horrors. It is up to them to claim this city for its rightful shepherds. To stop these weak traitors from spreading their lies further and corrupting more. To stoke the fire of faith, and use those flames to help reforge this city into a beacon of light for the Cainites in these modern nights. But will the Cainites who answer the call be capable of sustaining the mighty task that falls upon them, or will the fire erupt into a bonfire and scorch all in its wake?