"Duluth by Night"
Vampire - Cam/Anarch/I.A.
Duluth, Minnesota
Meets on the Varies every Month
Northern Minnesota
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Camarilla Setting Default
Camarilla Setting Default

Anarch and Independent Alliance PCs allowed with ST Approval. Also, We do allow Visiting Sabbat by permission of the Head Storyteller.

There have been Kindred in the area that is now known of Duluth since the time of the Fur Trade and Fort Saint Louis. The first ruling vampire in this area was none other than Daniel Greysolon, whom Duluth would end up named after in the future. He continued his rule into the 19th Century, changing his name and faking his death via Gout to continue his rule unaccosted.

His rule came to an abrupt, and charring end as more Vampires came into the area with the mining rush 1850s, including a Ventrue elder by the name of Julia de la Rosa, who decided that Northern Minnesota and the Twin Ports area where his to rule instead, which resulted in him catching Sieur Du Luht (Daniel) unawares and pushing him into a lit hearth and ending his rule of the area.

Julia, within days of this incident, began cementing her rule, removing vampires that where still loyal to the old Prince, and bringing her own loyalists to the area, including Pierre, her husband in life, and her Childer in Unlife, and his Childer, Timothy.

Before the dawn of the 20th Century, Pierre and Timothy left the area, heading out to take on the Sabbat threat first hand, wanting to destroy this threat first hand. This left Julia with just her loyalists throughout her rule during the late 19th and into the vast 20th Century, and into the early 21st Century. During this time, her power grew due to the booming industries in her vast domain. This made her grow powerful, but complacent. That is when it happened…

In 2018, Julia de la Rosa was destroyed by forces unknown at this time… This attracted the attention of her Grand-Childer, Timothy, who has returned to the area and claimed it as his own, invoking his Grand-Sire’s reputation, and his Sire’s… And this is where we begin our story, in the burgeoning Industrial Twin Ports, and the vast wilderness of Northern Minnesota… What will this bring to the denizens?

Time will tell…