"Milwaukee Garou"
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Meets on the 4th Sunday every Month
Rebirth, Balance, Struggle, Intrigue, Urban sprawl
Vigilant, Modern
Southeast Wisconsin inc. MKE Zoo and Kettle Moraine
The spirits tell the story of this land. But not all is known.

Milwaukee previously had a small Caern, dedicated to Salmon: The Sept of the Long Run. The Caern primarily cared for the majority of Southeastern Wisconsin. While the city of Milwaukee was technically within the protectorate of the Sept, for the most part the Garou ignored the city, and left it to the Glass Walkers and the Bone Gnawers.

The Wendigo primarily controlled the Sept, and did their best to keep the area balanced to Gaia as best that they could. For the most part, they were quite successful, causing Milwaukee to not balloon in size like many major metropolitan areas. Fishing, Farming, and Agriculture were carefully maintained through the 80’s and 90’s.It was a quiet, peaceful life.

While there was conflict with The Wyrm, it never seemed as urgent or deadly here. Many young garou, bored with the simple lifestyle of sentries and stewards over the land, moved on to larger and more dangerous septs, eager to claim Glory for themselves.

When the enemy finally came, the Garou here were not prepared.

It happened in the span of a night. The Caernheart suddenly lost nearly all power, and the resulting vacuum of Gnosis stunned the Garou within the boundaries of the Sept’s bawn.

As the local Garou attempted to find out the source of the attack, reports of other attacks across the globe began pouring in. Faced with a difficult decision, the Alpha of the Sept, “Hands-Of-Ice” informed his pack to gather everyone. If the Sept has already fallen, little was going to be done here. As the small gathering of Garou collected, he gave them a simple command.

“Go forth, and defend where you can. A small number will stay here.”

He reached forth, and connected with the Caern Heart, supercharging it with his own Gnosis. In doing so, Salmon offered one final gift: Moon Bridges to caerns under attack. The resulting power surge utterly destroyed “Hands-Of-Ice”, leaving nothing but a scorched silhouette on the ground. “Cool Lake Breeze”, a seasoned Ahroun of the Children of Gaia, began to direct Garou to various of the Moon Bridges, organizing the evacuation.

“Cool Lake Breeze” stayed here, along with a small number of stubborn young Garou.

Over the following years, “Cool Lake Breeze” and those who stayed eventually rooted out the cause of the problem, but there was nothing that could be done save for vengeance. They stayed, stewarding the land that was still largely uncorrupted. The land where the Caern proper once stood was razed, cleansed as best could be done, and left as a warning to never again become complacent.

In the last month, “Cool Lake Breeze” has put out the word. He has received a vision from Unicorn. The time is right to repopulate these lands.