"Dark Wood Valley"
Vampire - Anarch
Eau Claire , Wisconsin
Meets on the 1st Saturday every Month
Resettle and Mystery
Temptation and Blight
Chippewa Valley, WI (Cities of Menomonie, WI; Eau Claire, WI, and Chippewa Falls, WI)
Setting Default
Setting Default
Setting Default and Gargoyles

We play from 5pm -11pm.

Game Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/darkwood.larp/

Setting-Specific Mechanics:

  • For every 6 Neonates and Ancilla, we will allow up to 2 Pretender elders, 2 Master Elders, and a Luminary Elders, but can change with HST permission with reason.
    • Ratio 1 Luminary Elders, 2 Masters Elders, & 2 Pretender Elders :6 Neonates and Ancilla
  • No Camarilla or Sabbat Characters will not be allowed to be created in this game, but Camarilla or Sabbat visitors are welcome with HST or AST permission
  • Capping IA to 2 for every 5 Anarches. Max at 6, but can change with HST permission with reason.
  • Assamites and Autarkis limited to 1 for every 5 Anarches. Max at 6, but can change with HST permission with reason.

A valley that has changed hands in turmoil and fire. We see cities ravaged by crime and  chaos. For some they would find this a place free from possibilities or too costly for the effort like unimaginative Camarilla, but there is some that see such chaos and ruins as a a place of possibilities and a place to call home. Those kindred who want to claim their own domain free from the claws and robes of the Camarilla.

The anarchs who have been watching the region saw that the valley’s old power holders, the dirty mutts, the werewolf were chased off by another group hidden in shadow. Seeing that the valley is falling into ruin and negete by the powerful, the word went out to all members of the movement that new territory was up for grabs.

Can the anarchs unite to wrestle with groups in the shadows who don’t want new neighbors and want the valley for themselves?