"Devil’s Rage"
Baraboo (Madison), Wisconsin
Meets on the 3rd Saturday every Month
Urban Sprawl, Excess, Darkness, and Redemption
Devil’s Lake, Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells
Garou Nation Default
Garou Nation Default
Garou Nation Default
Contact Information
HST - Don Isaacson
AST - Akira Barnes

ST Email - SAMadisonWWST@gmail.com
Player Reps - SAMadisonWWPR@gmail.com

PIP Submission Email (SAMadisonST@gmail.com) cc (SAMadisonWWST@gmail.com)

Note: The game takes place in Baraboo, WI in character. The game actually is held in Madison, WI out of character.

Garou Nation Standard
Exceptions: Fera are disallowed.

Player Resources

The Sept of Sacred Waters


Madison was once a glowing beacon to Garou. A powerful cearn and a strong sept. Both would eventually be destroyed due to the sept's pride. The few survivors made their way to Devil's Lake and laid low, licking their wounds.

But seventeen years have passed and a new generation of shifters has recently went through their first change. They begin to prepare to take the fight back to the Weaver and the Wyrm. But this time, they set their sights on The Dells, which is growing at an uncontrollable rate.  It is now known as the "Vegas of the Midwest" and is a place where any indulgence can be found... for a price.

Can the Garou redeem the loss of Madison by taking back The Dells?

History Until Now…

  • There was once a great caern in Madison. It was destroyed in 1999, after the red star shone, by the numerous enemies of the Garou sept there.
  • The few survivors of the attack fled to Devil's Lake to lick their wounds and rebuild.
  • Madison has since become heavily infested by the Wyrm and the sept agreed as a whole to focus their attentions elsewhere.
  • The Wisconsin Dells area was determined to be the next place for the Garou to work.
  • The Wisconsin Dells in game is known as the "Vegas of the Midwest" or sometimes "Little Vegas".  It has a population of nearly 500,000 people and is growing at an incredible, perhaps unsustainable rate.
  • The southernmost part of the Dells is known as "The Downs" and is a hive of scum and villainy.  The area has been growing quickly in recent years, growing southward toward Devil's Lake.
  • The first new generation of shifters has come of age.  That, combined with the rapid expansion of the Downs has spurred the sept into action.
  • The Sept Leader, "Blade of Fury", recently led a group of Garou (including many of the Alphas) to follow-up on a rumor about a potential seed shard. This would allow the sept to create it’s own caern.



Devil’s Lake is the home of the sept. 

  • Seed Shard Chamber

 The Seed Shard has been planted in a hollowed out tree. It is suspended in water, which flows from an underground source into the tree. 

  • Longhouse

 A long, narrow single room building which is used for a variety of purposes by the Sept. 

  • Wolf Shrine

A shrine dedicated to the memory of the wolves lost during a fateful attack during Year One.


  • Fianna Compound

West of the Devil's Lake can be found a Fianna Compound. This compound houses several dozen Fianna kinfolk.

  • Southern Farmhouses

Several farmhouses can be found on the southern side of Devil's Lake. They currently house about a dozen kinfolk from mixed tribes. They're all children, ranging from eight to seventeen.x

  • Colleen Sefton Wolf Education Center

At the western entrance to Devil's Lake, there is a structure dedicated to spreading education about wolves and their place in our ecosystem. Ironically named after the key protestor against wolves at Devil's Lake.



The Dells have grown at such a rate that it has completely enveloped Baraboo to the west, north, and east. To the south, there is a bit of undeveloped land which the Garou refer to as "The Strip".

  • The Strip

The strip of land about 5 miles wide which separates Baraboo from Devil’s Lake.



The northeast part of the Dells is known as the Downs. The district is characterized by old style stucco structures and carbon copy amusement places. There are numerous lousy strip joints and there is a well-known red light district. The whole district is full of everything no decent person is supposed to want.

  • The Slicks
A row of drug and whore houses. Part of the red light district. All sorts of indecencies can be found here.
  • The Highlands

A large hotel. Very tacky, complete with a fake lake.

  • The Black Lotus

The district’s token Japanese joint. Offers virtually anything thought of as traditionally Japanese, ranging from sushi and hibachi to an exotic massage parlor. Known hangout of the Japanese Yakuza.

  • The Emerald Dream

A dance club owned by Shinji, owner of the Black Lotus.

  • The Jade Dragon
A massage house, reportedly offer indecencies. Owned by Shinji, owner of the Black Lotus.
  • The No Leaf Clover

Their sign shows a stem with the last piece of the clover falling off and the slogan “If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.” Known to be the headquarters of the Irish Mob in the area.

  • Community Medical Center for the Homeless

A no-cost hospital operated in the Slicks. Used almost exclusively by the homeless and low-income families in the Slicks.


The old downtown area is quantly referred to as Lowtown. Baraboo's spike in growth led to the city being primarily multi-level structures, therefore the old downtown area is now the lowest part of town.


Directly to the west, north, and east of Baraboo, the Dells are a prominent business and entertainment center. As we have a Vampire game set in Wisconsin Dells, please refer to that setting document for further information.

  • The Paradise Pinnacle Corporation Headquarters

A high-rise in the business district of Wisconsin Dells. While tPPC is technically outside of the Garou's typical operating grounds of Baraboo, their influence is vast and often affects Baraboo.



Sauk City is medium sized town found to the south of Devil's Lake. It is free of the troubles that Baraboo and WI Dells bring.

  • Environmental Education and Advancement Research University

This university has several hundred students receiving technical degrees in a variety of environmental-related topics.



  • New Frontier Corporate Headquarters

A mid-sized high-rise in the northern part of Baraboo. The building is secured, with a razor wire fence and gatehouse.

  • The Viper's Gambit

A casino on the northwest side of town. Well known due to an ongoing advertising campaign.

  • Abandoned Prison

Located on the far east side of Baraboo, this abandoned prison was once home to numerous banes.



  • Irish Mob - Known to operate out of The No-Leaf Clover.
  • Japanese Yakuza - Known to operate out of The Black Lotus. Led by Shinji, a prominent Japaneses businessman.
  • Leeches - Little is known other than there have been more than a few encounters
  • New Frontier - The corporation which is responsible for a great deal of the expansion in the Downs.
  • North American Anti-Wolf League - A nation-wide league which is solely dedicated to the utter eradication of wolves in North America.
  • The Paradise Pinnacle Corporation - A company which specializes in the development of theme hotels throughout the Dells region.