"Green Bay by Night"
Vampire - Cam/Anarch/I.A.
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Meets on the Last Saturday every Month
Northren Wisconsin
Camarilla Setting Default
Camarilla Setting Default
Camarilla Setting Default
Anarch and Independent Alliance PCs allowed with ST Approval.
Green Bay is the oldest continuous settlement in Wisconsin.  As such, it has had a vampiric presence far longer than any other place in the state.  The place that would become k own as Green Bay was initially ruled over by an elder of Clan Gangrel,  named Artus.  This ancient preferred his privacy and kept vampiric numbers low. He ruled over a tiny settlement of fur traders and natives.  His rule was rudely interrupted in the mid 17th century by Guitman Hadrarius, and accomplished elder of clan Ventrue.  Hadrarius came to what would be America with a host of his mortal relations.  He then set about gaining power and influence wherever he could.  He soon had childer among the natives, the French, and the not so subtle English who were moving into the region.  Eventually he and his struck out at the politically inexperienced Artus. Thr conflict ovet thethrine was short and decisive. The combination of numbers and the assistance of several elders from outside the region led to the destruction of Artus, anf the scattering of his few childer.  Of all the younglings only the one who came to be known as Hodag remained even remotely close.  Guitman Hadrarius then ruled his domain without significant challenge from 1688 until the nights of the Red Star, when everything fell apart.  Hunters and the Sabbat descended upon his city simultaneously.  Each side fought for primacy anf the destruction of the other two. After a battle nearly wiped out all but one vampire. The vampires of a Camarilla have come back to Green bay to discover what happened to those who disappeared. Finding a park that a battle of the supernaturals fought it they find the battle left a mark. Now called the Scar they have no idea what left this mark however they plan to find out so they are not subject to the same fate.