"Senate of the Night"
Vampire - Cam/Anarch
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Meets on the 3rd Saturday every Month
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Camarilla Setting Default
South Central PA has always been a Sabbat stronghold until the Red Star began to fade. While the Sabbat in York and Lancaster maintain order and discipline among the rank and file, Harrisburg's packs went dark.

Sensing a moment of weakness, the Camarilla is setting up shop.

Will the city be able to fend off Sabbat attempts to reclaim the lost land? Will the Lupine hamper the Camarilla's endeavor? What really made the Bishopric of Harrisburg fall? The Camarilla sent it best to recapture, then reestablish Harrisburg as one symbol of its authority in the world the supernatural.

Alexander Banes, child of Camilla Banes took control of the region. He only led for 6 months before being called away to a greater calling. As he left it seemed that what happen to the Sabbat truly manifest it self.

In the new year, a new prince finds not everything seems to what it suppose to be.