"Three Rivers of Rage"
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Meets on the Varies every Month
War is Hell
La Crosse, WI - Eau Claire, WI - Red Wing, MN - and the areas in between
Garou Nation Default
Garou Nation Default
Garou Nation Default
Meets a day after the vampire La Crosse game. Vampire La Crosse meets on the 4th Sat of every month.

Fera based out of this game must have ST approval.
“Sit down Cubs, let Papa Roach tell you a little about what’s been going on here. In the Wisconsin/Minnesota area there exists a natural Leyline of energy known to the Humans as the Three Rivers Region.

You see, the Wisconsin River goes through the City of Eau Claire, La Crosse here has the Mississippi, and Red Wing has… erm, well, it had the Black River, but something’s happened.

You see, back in the beginning of twenty-seventeen, we got hit hard by the Wyrm, only a handful of packs left, well, them and the Kinfolk; what we didn’t know at the time was that Eau Claire and Red Wing were hit hard too… they didn’t do as well as us.

There were a number of Broken Lands in Eau Claire that didn’t get taken care of, the whole place is basically a Wyrm Tunnel now, and nobody really knows what happened to Red Wing. It’s basically erased from the Map, We can’t even find it in the Umbra. These days, we’ve got a lot of refugees coming to our Sept, the Sept of Frozen Shores.“

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