"Wisconsin Hells"
Vampire - Cam/Anarch/I.A.
Wisconsin Dells (Madison), Wisconsin
Meets on the 3rd Sunday every Month
Urban Warfare/Morality
Wisconsin Dells / Lake Delton
Camarilla Setting Default - Anarch Setting Default - I.A. (Giovanni and Setite)
Camarilla Setting Default - Anarch Setting Default
Camarilla Setting Default - Anarch Setting Default - Sabbat and Bloodlines
Camarilla, Anarch, and Independent Alliance PCs allowed

Note: This game takes place in Wisconsin Dells, WI in character. The game is played in Madison, WI out of character.

DTA, Infleunce, Expenditures, and ST related questions/concerns (sabaraboost@gmail.com)

Downtime Rules
Ever since the early 50’s Wisconsin Dells has taken off as one of the largest tourist hot spots in the Midwest.  In the 1990 the Dells had grown exponentially and showed no sign of slowing its growth.  By the turn of the millennia the Giovanni and the Independent Alliance had risen as the central power in the Dells and controlled most of the twenty four territories.  The Anarchs and the Camarilla of the area were still prevalent but didn’t have the resources to gain a substantial foothold.

Around the year 2010 the Dells had grown larger than anticipated and had now stretched south and enveloped the city of Baraboo. The Dells had become a small Metropolis and the entertainment companies moved outward to more suitable locations. Most notably the areas around Ho-Chunk Casino. Around this time the Sabbat were showing their presence in the area. A few years of this passed until the Sabbat were strong enough to make their move.

In one fell swoop the seized most of the northern Dells from the Independent Alliance and established their dominance over the city. More and more the territories fell to the Sabbat, until only a few remained under the control of the other three factions. The year is 2015, a meeting was held and an agreement was made. To continue the silence of the blood and to prevent animosity between the factions, trouble makers would be returned to their faction to be dealt with.

By 2017 the factions have managed to gain back some of what the Sabbat had taken.